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FREE walk-up 30-minute workshops featuring life-changing topics on money, health, cooking, self-care, and more! 

Patsy10:00  So Many Clothes and Nothing to Wear with Image Coach and Master hairstylist Patsy Sanders

Patsy has obviously looked into our closets. In this short session, she’ll help you discover your essence type so you can wear who you are. Learn to step out in the world with confidence no matter what shape or size you are. 

Healthy High10:45 Intention, Ritual, & Re-Evolution the Inside Out with Healthy High Founder Sunali Shanti Sikand 

Inspired by Ayurveda, science, experience and intuition, Sunali shares nourishing practices and nourishing foods that we can use to revitalize and re-evolutionize ourselves in pleasurable ways.  She believes that everything we ingest creates who we are, whether through our eyes, our thoughts, our food, or our ears and that ultimately we should be our own health expert. 

Gina Pearson11:30  Let’s Talk Pores and Healthy Skin with Gina Pearson, Premier Level V, Rodan + Fields  

Gina will share her top 10 tips for fabulous skin including the importance of washing your face at night to take days of age off your skin, She’ll also demo a couple of the tools she uses.  

Diana Borges12:00  Make Yourself a Priority and Achieve Your Dreams with Life-Purpose Coach Diana Borges  

Start making yourself a priority with this workshop! Embrace who you are beyond the day to day physical world and regain your power. With Diana’s guidance you will experience your innate strength for personal growth, self-healing, joy and opening of the heart. If you want to believe in yourself more or just have fun this talk is for you.

Money Coach Heather Picard12:45  How Changing Your Relationship to Money Can Save Your Life and Change the World with Money Coach Heather Picard 

Heather helps women break through their limiting beliefs to unleash their earning potential so they can step into the fullness of their lives and make the difference they’re here to make. Owner and CFO of an award-winning landscape company, she’s an award-winning speaker and facilitator for the National Association of Women Business Owners with a Masters Degree from Columbia University and a graduate of the Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy.

1:30   Business Smarts: What You Need to Know to Start a Business with Cathy Balach and Mary Cervantes, Napa-Sonoma Small Business Development Center


Michelle Anna Jordan2:15   Changing the World, One Home-Cooked Meal at a Time with Chef & Author Michele Anna Jordan* 



Michelle Guptil3:00  Power Speak: Speaking Your Truth from the Boardroom to the Bedroom with Michelle Hardeman-Guptill, Women of Impact and Influence

Michelle brings 15 years experience as a therapist and 20 years as a performing artist and director to her work as a transformational coach for women. Passionate about supporting women to speak their truth, she believes that only through knowing ourselves and our stories and embodying a new vision of what we want for ourselves can we break through the limiting beliefs, doubts, old patterns and stories that keep us from shining our brightest light.